“I started working with Ruthann DeJong several years ago when my law practice merged with another Firm. When it comes time to renew my insurance every year, I look forward to my interactions with Ruthann: she is knowledgeable, responsive, and always a joy to work with. You absolutely know you are in good hands when you work with Ruthann. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone!" 

Christina B. Davidow, Esq.

“I greatly appreciate the friendly service and professionalism you’ve provided over the years at Florida Attorneys Liability Insurance Agency. Your pricing for my policy has never failed to be the best for me and my practice. Thanks again Ruthann!”

C. Allen West, P.L.


“Ms. DeJong has been guiding our Firm through the labyrinth of issues related to the application and renewal process of lawyers’ liability insurance for approximately ten years. As everyone in the legal industry is probably aware, it can be an arduous task to weigh all of the available options then most appropriately match the scale to the needs of the individual Firm. Ms. DeJong does this. Additionally, she is aware of the impact the constant changes in technology have on lawyers’ need for a new kind of coverage… Ms. DeJong remains our “go to” person. When it comes to matching a law firm with the most suitable insurance, I highly recommend Ms. DeJong.”

s/Michael J. Rosen